Pushups AR Preorder

My 2nd solo app release is about to take place: Pushups AR is availble for a free preorder on the App Store!

Pushups AR uses the power of ARKit 2 Face-Tracking to detect how many pushups you have done in a session. It's a very simple app designed for 1 specific purpose. You can also set a pushup count goal to be notified when you reach it.

This app will be released Febuary 5th.

Sprite Pencil 2.0 Coming

I've been hard at work on the Sprite Pencil 2.0 update. It will be a big update and will include many awesome features as described in this post. Apple Pencil 1 and 2 support with smoother drawing, a today widget, a new color palette for iMessage, and more.

The color palette area will now show your recently used colors at the top. There are also 2 grid options in this update. The first is a pixel grid, and the new optional grid will show blocks of 16x16 pixels. And when creating new sprites, you will now get canvas size options for some 16:9 backdrop assets.

bucket icon in app

The new tool added in this update is bucket fill. An essential tool that will help you quickly create a background for your sprite, or replace a color in your sprite with another.

screenshot of color notification

In Settings, you will be able to turn on color HEX information when using the eyedropper tool.

demo of automatic outline

Introducing: Automatic Outline Colors

Automatic outline colors allows you to create custom colored outlines in just 2 taps. The outline colors are calculated per-pixel, and are an easy way to transform your sprite to the next level very quickly. (Side Note: Animated PNGs are really cool!)

Coming Febuary 2019!

CSS Change Text Color On Scroll

This cool trick allows you to change the text color of any element when it is scrolled past a certain point or create gradient text that fades the gradient as you scroll. No laggy JS calculations needed!

The example below will change the text color from Color 1 to Color 2 when the user scrolls the element up into the top 50% of the display. Remove the 2 middle stops in the gradient to create a smooth gradient color fade as you scroll.

@supports (-webkit-background-clip: text) {
    #title {
        background: linear-gradient(Color 1 0%, Color 1 49.9%, Color 2 50.1%, Color 2 100%);
        background-attachment: fixed;
        -webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
        -webkit-background-clip: text;

Most browsers except Safari (iOS) support these CSS and Webkit properties, but fallback is still graceful due to the @supports query.

Check it out in action on the Sprite Pencil page. And check back for more posts coming in the near future!