LEGO jedi temple

Jedi Temple PDF

LEGO TIE reaper

TIE Reaper BUY

LEGO first order dreadnought (medium)

First Order Dreadnought (Medium) PDF

LEGO night buzzard

Night Buzzard BUY

LEGO imperial combat assault transport

Combat Assault Transport 3D Model

LEGO moff gideon's light cruiser

Moff Gideon's Light Cruiser 3D Model

LEGO ebon hawk ship

Ebon Hawk 3D Model

LEGO sith fighter ship

Sith Fighter 3D Model

LEGO naboo theed scene with queen's arrest and naboo buildings

Theed 3D Model

LEGO separatist frigate

Separatist Frigate PDF

LEGO Techniques

All models use 100% legal LEGO techniques, and are built to be almost as sturdy as official sets.